Professionalism & Transparency

The College is accountable to the public and committed to transparency in the regulation of the teaching profession.

Our work is open and accessible. Helping people understand who we are and what we do is an important part of serving the public interest.

Professionalism and transparency are at the heart of building public trust and respect for the teaching profession. In the last several years, the College has placed greater focus in communicating and engaging with the public in meaningful ways.

Public confidence in the profession expands with greater awareness and understanding of the practice and ethical standards that teachers are guided by and demonstrate every day in their schools and learning communities.

Landmark Legislation

Last December, the provincial government passed Bill 37, the Protecting Students Act, bringing changes into law to better protect students. The law also makes the College’s investigations and hearings practices and processes more efficient, open and transparent. These long-sought changes reflect the commitments our Council has made based on advice of former Ontario Chief Justice Patrick LeSage.

The Act includes 11 key changes:

The College welcomes these changes in the new legislation and looks forward to continuing our work with the provincial government to protect the public interest.

Greater Public Awareness and Meaningful Engagement

Public understanding of the role and work of the College reached a four-year high in 2016, well surpassing the benchmarks set before the launch of the public awareness initiative.

For example, the number of survey respondents who can accurately identify the College as setting ethical standards for teachers now stands at 85 per cent. Those who say that the College issues licences to teach, and may suspend or cancel those licences, now stand at 76 per cent — an increase of 10 per cent.

The College continued to build on the public awareness initiative launched in 2014. We attended more events, spoke to more people and had more meaningful one-on-one interactions. It was a busy year for outreach, but also a successful one. We engaged the public in a number of ways, including:

We also looked for additional ways to communicate with parents and the broader community, including distributing our Quiz for Parents brochure (which includes information on who we are and what we do) to Ontario Early Year Centres; writing articles for a new community-based parent newsletter and sponsoring posts on parent blogger websites.

We also expanded our social media footprint with the addition of Pinterest and Instagram accounts, while generating more content on existing properties including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn.

Professional Advisories

The College has a legislated duty to educate its members. By periodically issuing professional advice, we help to meet that expectation. Professional advisories aim to guide and enhance professional practice and are developed in close consultation with members, subject experts and stakeholders. To ensure optimal awareness, the College creates comprehensive rollout strategies to inform its members and to show the public that teachers are committed to their professionalism.

In 2016, the College revised the Additional Qualifications: Extending Professional Knowledge, professional advisory. The updates:

The advisory recognizes that ongoing professional learning is an integral part of teaching and reflects the ongoing review and updating of teachers’ qualifications by the College, its members and education partners.

Increased Access to Disciplinary Decisions

By the end of 2016, College members and members of the public will have had access to more than 700 discipline decisions on our website, involving College members over the past 20 years.

In 2016, the College expanded access to all disciplinary decisions, including making them available on the Canadian Legal Information Institute (CanLII), a world-renowned database operated by the Federation of Law Societies of Canada.

Free, bilingual and easily searchable, this database was created to make it faster and easier for the public and legal professionals to access documents, such as disciplinary decisions and high-quality legal commentary on Canadian court decisions.

The College also continues to provide public access to disciplinary decisions in other ways:

Reviewing College Registration Practices

Our ongoing review of registration practices initiated in 2007 ensures that our procedures, information and guidelines are clear and transparent.

To learn more about the College’s commitment to fair registration practices, see the full report.

Find a Teacher

Find a Teacher was the most viewed section on the College website, with 11.5 million page views in 2016. Our public register of all College members includes details about qualifications and credentials, and a notation of every revocation, cancellation and suspension of a Certificate of Qualification and Registration.

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