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Registration Appeals Committee

The College provides a fair and transparent appeal process for denied applicants who are not granted membership in the College, or from College members who have conditions placed on their teaching certificate by the Registrar. The Registration Appeals Committee hears these appeals, and considers them in both English and French. The committee’s work ensures that applicants are treated fairly, while maintaining public confidence in the decisions the College Registrar makes on behalf of the teaching profession.

As a consequence of the Enhanced Teacher Education Program implemented on September 1, 2015, the committee experienced a significant increase in the volume of appeals received in 2016. The majority of the 60 appeals received — of which six were requests for a French review — were from College members certified with terms, conditions or limitations (TCLs). College members who have TCLs placed on their certificates of qualification and registration must fulfil the conditions within five years and are eligible to seek teaching positions during that period. College members may appeal to the committee for a variance on the TCLs imposed by the Registrar. The committee received 47 appeals that pertained to TCLs that were imposed on College members’ certificates.

In 2016, the committee met 14 times and rendered 35 decisions. The committee undertakes a paper review or may hold an oral presentation at the request of an appellant. A total of 12 appellants made orals presentation to the committee in support of their appeal, and a further 23 were reviewed as part of a paper review process.


Reasons for Denial of Certification Resulting in Appeals




Appeal a condition on a certificate


Teacher education program not acceptable


Teacher education program along with academic and/or language proficiency


Academic degree not acceptable


Language proficiency as a primary reason


Both teacher education program and language proficiency not acceptable


Professional suitability: Committee refused to conduct a review







Appeal Outcomes

Original decision upheld


Original decision overturned


Original decision modified


Refused to hear the appeal




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