Committees at Work

Governance Committee

The Governance Committee is a special committee of Council focused on Council governance, Council and committee membership, and the election of Council members. It offers guidance to Council on governance issues such as risk assessment, evaluation and Council member development, succession planning and transition effectiveness.

In 2016, the committee focused on planning for the 2018 election of Council members. The committee investigated possible amendments to the election regulation with the goal of increasing member engagement with governance of the College. Recommended amendments were brought forward to Council and approved policy directions were shared with the Ministry of Education for incorporation into the election regulation. The committee also developed a strategic communication plan for the 2018 election including outreach and engagement initiatives with members designed to increase voter participation beginning in 2017.

The Governance Committee recommended the introduction of evaluation tools for Council members with the goal of assessing the work of Council and their preparation for the role. A pilot based on a self-evaluation tool was implemented for the September and December 2016 meetings of Council. The committee will evaluate the outcomes of the pilot in 2017.

Also in 2016, the committee proposed amendments to the process for the election of committee chairs through bylaw amendments. It initiated the process of filling a Council vacancy for the French-language Catholic Board Secondary Position.

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