Public Interest Committee

Public Interest Committee (PIC) members advise Council regarding its duty to serve and protect the public interest in carrying out the College’s objects, or purposes. PIC members — who are appointed by the Ministry of Education — are representatives of the public and are not members of the College Council.

The committee met three times in 2014, and as requested by the Chair, Council or the Executive Committee. The committee reports annually to Council prior to the College’s Annual Meeting of Members.

Under the Ontario College of Teachers Act, the committee is required to develop a work plan identifying its priorities, proposed projects and activities through the term of Council. The committee may request information from Council to develop, modify or implement its work plan or to provide advice to Council. During 2014, the committee met with the Executive Committee, and the Council Chair has regularly attended the committee’s meetings.

The committee’s work during 2014 focused on ongoing professional learning and currency. During this review, the committee considered professional learning activities of other provincial, national and international professional regulators as well as professional learning activities currently undertaken by College members.


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